Fauna Toolkit: Bird Bones

Bones from living and extinct bird species

A portal to 3D digitised models of bird bones from museum collections.

234 entries from 65 species in 29 families and 19 orders are now available from the Index below.

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Massey University
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Scroll through the table or use the filter panel to find 3D digitised bird bones. You can filter using one word at a time. The filter can be reset by clicking the Filter button when there are no words entered into the panel.

Click on any of the fields in the row to view the corresponding 3D model.

e.g. "Sphenisciformes" or "penguin" or "femur"


Each bone in the database refers to the method used to make the 3D model of that bone. Click on a title to collapse or expand the method details.

Additional resources

Fauna toolkit: Bird Bones complements the excellent resources for bird osteology that are already available online, including:

  • Aves 3D. A three dimensional database of avian skeletal morphology.

  • Baumel JJ, Witmer LM. 4. Osteologia. In: Baumel JJ (Ed.) Handbook of Avian Anatomy: Nomina Anatomic Avium. Second edition. Publications of the Nuttall Ornithological Club No. 23, Cambridge, MA, USA. Download from WitmerLab.

  • Ghetie, V. (1976). Anatomical Atlas of Domestic Birds. Academiei
    Republicii Socialiste Romania. Download from WitmerLab.


If Fauna Toolkit: Bird Bones helps with your research then please consider using the following citation:

Thomas DB, Annan G, Rayner MJ, Scofield RP (2019). Fauna Toolkit: Bird bones. Bones from living and extinct bird species. Auckland, New Zealand. URL http://www.faunatoolkit.com

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